Temporarily disabled Bitcoin payments
Published: 17/01/2021

We have temporarily disabled Bitcoin Payments via BitPay for the time being. Once/If we re-enable them, this announcement will be updated.

Some XenStorage VPS are offline
Published: 06/12/2016

Some XenStorage VPS-es are offline. We are investigating. UPDATE 1: Here is full disclosure, of what happened now: One of the new nodes in the Incero XenStorage replacement pool was throwing input/output errors. This is only happening with only one of them. Exactly 23 unlucky VPS are affected of all replacements. I decided to reboot the node in hope for it to go fsck-ing, however it didn't ...

XenStorage Update Newest
Published: 21/09/2016

Dear XenStorage users, As you may or may not know - we have done unscheduled migration for some VPS-es off the XenStorage node in attempt to decrease load. Migrations are now complete, but some VPS are refusing to boot on the old node, so we will walk through them 1-by-1. We will be deleting the successfully migrated VPS on the old node tonight(we're sorry that it is too early) - you will get ...