News: XenStorage Update Newest

Published: 21/09/2016

Dear XenStorage users,

As you may or may not know - we have done unscheduled migration for some VPS-es off the XenStorage node in attempt to decrease load. Migrations are now complete, but some VPS are refusing to boot on the old node, so we will walk through them 1-by-1. We will be deleting the successfully migrated VPS on the old node tonight(we're sorry that it is too early) - you will get to use them on the new one though with data intact. Please note that there will be an IP change for the migrated VPS. To check if you got an IP change can login to https://byteshack2.drserver.net:4083 with your XenStorage control panel details. If you didn't change them, they should be in your delivery ticket. There you will find your VPS with same hostname as before but with its new IP. Feel free to begin using it. Also, we will be giving out compensation for the downtime. Ticket in, to get it. In the ticket post your mail and the IP.

If you were migrated - 2 free months
If you were not migrated - 1 free month

We apologize for all downtime.

Have a good day,
drServer Team