Some XenStorage VPS are offline
Published: 06/12/2016

Some XenStorage VPS-es are offline. We are investigating. UPDATE 1: Here is full disclosure, of what happened now: One of the new nodes in the Incero XenStorage replacement pool was throwing input/output errors. This is only happening with only one of them. Exactly 23 unlucky VPS are affected of all replacements. I decided to reboot the node in hope for it to go fsck-ing, however it didn't ...

XenStorage Update Newest
Published: 21/09/2016

Dear XenStorage users, As you may or may not know - we have done unscheduled migration for some VPS-es off the XenStorage node in attempt to decrease load. Migrations are now complete, but some VPS are refusing to boot on the old node, so we will walk through them 1-by-1. We will be deleting the successfully migrated VPS on the old node tonight(we're sorry that it is too early) - you will get ...

Published: 17/09/2016

Dear customers, We are migrating VPS off XenStorage node. This will take time. To speed it up, we have powered down all VPS. We will update you when our migrations are complete. Also, to compensate for this - we will credit every single migrated XenStorage VPS with 2 free months of service and non-migrated with 1 free month. We are sorry for the inconvenience this is causing you. Please note ...