News: Some XenStorage VPS are offline

Published: 06/12/2016

Some XenStorage VPS-es are offline. We are investigating.

Here is full disclosure, of what happened now:
One of the new nodes in the Incero XenStorage replacement pool was throwing input/output errors. This is only happening with only one of them. Exactly 23 unlucky VPS are affected of all replacements. I decided to reboot the node in hope for it to go fsck-ing, however it didn't come back. I am trying to contact our CEO to get me an IPMI device for it, for further investigation since I do not have access to the datacenter account, nor I know which reseller of Incero it is with. I believe everyone's data to be safe and once this is all over, you all will be compensated on me.


I got the IPMI connected to it, and was able to see that it just defaults to network boot. At some point, it flashed a disk error, but I was not able to read it up fully.
I can assume it is either some issue with drives connection went loose or worse case - failed drive(s)
I have remote hands at Incero checking it tonight (Dallas Time) and seeing if there are any spares, in case there is dead drive.

We have found out that 4 drives died from the RAID array + the RAID card. At this point data is unrecoverable. I have got them replaced, together with a new better LSI RAID card. I will be reconfiguring the server ASAP and start going through affected customers' plans and provision new VPS-es. Also, as I have promised: due to this incident, everyone affected will get 10 months of free time to rebuild their data + doubled or 4x RAM, depending on node availability. I really apologize to everyone affected, but this incident is out of our control.

At this time, server is having RAID initialization. I expect this to be done in 2-3 hours.

I am now distributing replacements. You will receive your new VM with same IP soon and an email will be sent to you.

Radoslav Petrov
drServer Team