Mail Hosting

Mail Hosting

Extremely reliable, stable and optimised Mail Hosting.
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Zimbra 10

Zimbra 10 pack
$5.00 /m
  • 10 accounts
  • SMTP Gateway Mailroutes
  • Client Zimbra Desktop
  • Multiple Domains
  • 10GB Storage

Zimbra 100

Zimbra 100 pack
$25.00 /m
  • 100 accounts
  • SMTP Gateway Mailroutes
  • Client Zimbra Desktop
  • Multiple Domains
  • 100GB Storage

Mail hosting has never been so simple

Tired of downtime, high bounce rates and no spam filtering?

Spam Filtered

We use industry leading spam filtering software to keep your mailbox clean and free of clutter.

High Uptime and Reliability

We have an extremely low bounce rate, an email relay limit of 300 / min and unlimited email accounts as just some of our features.


With 2FA, SSL and malware checking as standard, you can be rest assured that your mailbox is safe and clean.


Our service is integrated with MailChannels, which will ensure that the email sent from any email account will reach the inbox of the recipient. MailChannels is able to eliminate the nasty neighbours by directly discarding spam messages. You also don't have to worry about blacklisted IPs, warming them up, rDNS and stuff like that.

Powered by Zimbra Suite

Zimbra is not just a mail server. It is a full-featured collaboration software, that will allow you to have full-fledged communication(chat & email) between your e-mail accounts under your own domain.