Baby XEN Linux
1 Shared Core 128 MB RAM 2GB RAID10 SSD 100GB @ 1 Gbps XEN HVM
XEN Mini Linux
2 Shared Core 256 MB RAM 5GB RAID10 SSD 300GB @ 1 Gbps XEN HVM
XEN Midi Linux or Windows
2 Shared Core 512 MB RAM 10GB RAID10 SSD 500GB @ 1 Gbps XEN HVM
XEN Maxi Linux or Windows
2 Shared Core 1024 MB RAM 20GB RAID10 SSD 1024GB @ 1 Gbps XEN HVM


Hardware RAID 10

Hardware RAID10 with 6 SSD drives and DDR Cache backed up with battery. So, that way it's almost impossible that you will lose any data with us!

Pure SSD Storage

With pure SSD storage we can deliver you with awesome IOps, awesome speed and a great responsiveness for your databases or programs that need to access the disk multiple times.

XEN platform

We offer best of XEN. PV, HVM, PHVM, we can do it all.

Premium support

On ByteShack range we offer High Priority ticketing with super fast resolution time. We offer Skype support for free if you request.