Plan #1 Dallas
Dedicated H/T Core of Xeon L5639 1024 MB RAM 40GB SATA2 HDD 1TB @ 1 Gbps
Plan #2 Dallas
Dedicated H/T Core of Xeon L5639 3072 MB RAM 20GB Pure SSD Storage 1TB @ 1 Gbps


Dedicated core

With a full dedicated core, you can use it for all day and night and we won't say anything to you, because it's yours.

Low density node

We keep neigbourhood nice and quiet. Maximum number of customers per node is 23.

XenServer platform

Unlike regular XEN, Abusive Cores uses XEN on Steroids. Xenserver by Citrix is enterprise grade virtualizor with the best PV drivers built-in templates.

Premium support

On Abusive Cores range we offer High Priority ticketing with super fast resolution time. We offer Skype support for free on request.